Meet the Senior Management Team

Ferndale letter first letter in red

Debbie Goddard — Managing Director

Debbie is Ferndale's Managing Director and controls our Head Office as well as ensuring the smooth day to day running of the business. Debbie has been with us for more than 14 years. She is qualified as an insurance broker with the Chartered Insurance Institute. Debbie will help you with any of the more complex or technical insurance problems.

Dr Lynda Partridge — Director and Company Chairman

Lynda was the force behind the management led buyout of the business, in 2004, and the architect of our current business model. Her present responsibilities include inter-company negotiations with our larger client Freeholders.

Tiina Savage — Senior Insurance Assistant

Tiina joined the company more than 9 years ago. She has obtained the Certificate in Insurance from the Chartered Insurance Institute. Tiina will answer any questions and queries that you have about your insurance policies and claims.

Rosee O'Rourke — Insurance Assistant

Rosee has worked for Ferndale for more than 2 years. She has obtained the Certificate in Insurance from The Chartered Insurance Institute. Rosee will frequently be your first point of contact with Ferndale when you phone Ferndale’s office and will obtain the details of any insurance claim from you and will advise you of the information that is needed for the claim to be processed.

Sandie Neville — Group Financial Controller

In her spare time a Funk DJ star of the Salisbury scene, but while at work a vital cog in the higher finance levels of the business.