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May 2018

Ferndale would like all of our clients and their lessees to read under our Data Protection Policy the new section ‘Variation to the Data Protection Policy 2018 for Ferndale Insurance Services Ltd‘ which tells you how Ferndale is complying with the new General Data Protection Regulation 2018. This EU Regulation comes into effect in all EU countries on May 25th 2018. The rules applying to insurance intermediaries like Ferndale may be slightly modified soon when the General Data Protection Bill completes its passage through Parliament and receives Royal Assent but we don’t know when this will happen. We will inform you if this Bill causes us to make any changes to our data protection policy.

June 2017

Now that spring has arrived and the trees have their leaves again, Ferndale would like to remind Managing Agents and Lessees that they need to ask a qualified tree surgeon to check the health of all trees that grow close to their building. If the tree surgeon recommends pruning, this should be done at the appropriate time of year by a tree surgeon. In some areas it may be necessary to obtain planning permission from the local authority for tree pruning.

Also, in the dry summer months it is prudent to check the property's conditions generally, to prevent any future problems in the winter months. It is important to visually check roofs for missing slates and tiles and to check the condition of flat roofs, especially if these are under warranty. Gutters and down pipes should be cleaned and other general maintenance carried out to prevent future problems.

Insurance payments of claims for damage due to trees or water ingress may take into account the general level of maintenance that is apparent in the property.

November 2016

Ferndale would like to report that our team of negotiators has again succeeded in obtaining extremely competitive premiums for the renewal of the insurance policies for our largest client and have been able to ensure that these advantageous premium rates are also being applied to the policies of our smaller clients.

We would like to remind lessees that we are able to obtain contents insurance at very competitive premiums for lessees who sublet their flats either fully or partly furnished. A basic insurance policy for white goods etc to a value of £5,000.00 and with £5 million of public liability cover (if their sublet tenant tried to sue them for negligence from within their flat) usually has an average premium of £55.00 including insurance premium tax at 12%.

November 2015

We at Ferndale are celebrating the successful completion of Debbie's first year as Managing Director of Ferndale. It has been a very busy year as we have significantly increased the number of properties for which we offer full insurance services. Because of this large increase in workload we have been joined by Rosie, our insurance assistant who now helps Tiina and Debbie with the claims and renewals. Many of you will have spoken to Rosee, who is frequently your first contact when you phone the Salisbury head-office.

So far this year we have been lucky that there have been few damaging weather events. However, with winter approaching, there is a high risk of weather damage and we at Ferndale will be here to help you with any claims.

October 2014

Debbie Goddard, who has worked for Ferndale for more than 12 years and became the CEO of the company in October 2013 on the retirement of Susan Lane, has accepted an appointment to the Board of Directors of Ferndale. Debbie is now the Managing Director of the company and in full authority in our Salisbury head office.

Debbie's first year in control of the day-to-day running of the company has been one of the most difficult in our history because of the enormous increase in the number of claims during and after the incredible storms of January and February 2014. Debbie and her team were able to ensure that all of the claims from our clients for damage to their homes and businesses were dealt with by the insurers in the shortest possible time.

We also have to say goodbye from our Board of Directors to our long-term associate and very good friend Susan Lane. Susan resigned as Managing Director of Ferndale in October 2013 and has now resigned from the Board. Her great knowledge of insurance matters will continue to be available to us as she remains in her role of Consultant.

May 2014

Ferndale is glad to report that all of the many hundreds of claims from our customers are being dealt with by the insurers as quickly as possible. Many of the repair works have already been completed and the claims from the most damaged buildings have almost all been agreed between the loss Adjusters and Insurers and the Clients.

During February and March, the number of claims due to flood and storm damage was so great that the insurers were asking for quotes from only one builder, instead of the usual two, in the areas that suffered the most damage. The builders were all working so hard to make people's homes habitable that many had no time to give quotes on new work.

The spring weather is with us now and we hope that all the repair works will be completed before the summer!

November 2013

In October our Managing Director, Susan Lane, who has worked with us for nearly 19 years, decided that she needs to spend more time with her family so she has retired from her front office, managerial role as Managing Director. Susan will continue as a Director of Ferndale and will take on a new role as Consultant. She will be available to advise our staff on complex insurance questions but will no longer be available by telephone in our Salisbury Head Office. Susan will continue in her role as negotiator on behalf of the company.

We know that you will all be very pleased that we have promoted Debbie Goddard to be the new Chief Executive Officer of Ferndale Insurance Services Limited.

Debbie has worked with Ferndale since 2003 and is well known to all our clients in her role as Susan's senior assistant. Debbie is a fully qualified Insurance Broker and has run the business with confidence whenever Susan has been absent. She is ably assisted by Tiina Savage who holds that certificate in Insurance.

We at Ferndale know that you will receive the same careful and knowledgeable service from us that has been your experience over the past years.

We wish all of our clients and associates a safe and happy autumn 2013.

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